Project Yuhua - China

Prins Group has built of a turnkey project in China, in cooperation with Stolze, the Horticultural Business School and our Chinese Partner.

The project is a Venlo greenhouse with an area of nearly 2.5 acres including a business premises and a separate propagation space where young plants are grown. Prins Group provides the engineering, manufacturing and realization of the complete project. The roof of the greenhouse is provided with diffused glass and the walls with double-diffused glass.
The project will be delivered complete with an insect netting and a screen installation. Stolze provides the heating, irrigation and electrical systems. The project will be delivered including the entire interior of the greenhouse.

Unique to this project is the education of management and the growing support in cooperation with the Horticultural Business School. In this way we help the client to get a higher yield from the production and we provide high quality and logistics within the company.

Turnkey project
Area 23,800 m² including a business premises
Venlo greenhouse with aluminum gutters
Trellis girder 9.60 m
Colomn height 6.00 m
Bays 4.80 m
Sections 4.50 m
1250 mm-wide roof special diffuse glass
Partly fitted with 40 mm sandwich panels
3-pane ventilation windows 1000 mm deep with insect netting system
Diffuse double-glazed walls
Partly fitted with 40mm sandwich panels
Single roof-screen system
Heating system
Irrigation system
Electrical system