Construction advice

Faster launch due to clear-cut construction advice

You wish to build. A lot of things will have to happen. The building operations of a greenhouse construction company are a crossroads of various trades and professions. Realizing plans, that is the top priority; the first plants have usually already been ordered. You can greatly benefit from Prins Group’s expertise in this phase. We know all about the process of building a greenhouse, from A to Z, We know how much time administrative procedures require. We understand that good communications with the parties involved are key to the proper coordination of all activities.

No more worries about construction

As a construction consultant, we relieve you of a great deal of work, and a lot of bother as well. We take care of coordinating the entire project. Organizing construction meetings, adjusting plan, contacting contractors and subcontractors, you can, with peace of mind, leave it all up to us. You no longer have to worry about any part of project execution. Throughout this process, you will have one regular contact person available to answer your questions.