Business and financial plan

Investment with maximum security

Setting up a greenhouse company requires a sound business-economic foundation. Prins Group guides you through the preparations by helping you to draw up detailed business and financial plans. The business plan provides you with an answer to perhaps the most important question: is your investment feasible? With our knowledge of the business, we take stock of every facet, from property costs to the complete construction and outfitting of your facility.

At Prins Group, you deal with experienced advisors eager to work with you. They bring suggestions to the table that enhance the feasibility of your plans, with or without being asked.

Optimizing costs and benefits

The same expertise is used to produce a solid financial plan: once your greenhouse company is up and running, what will a cost and benefit analysis reveal? In what ways can you reduce costs and increase benefits? Prins Group advisors are sparring partners that help you obtain the most from yourself. They have acquired experienced in all corners of the world and are well acquainted with revenue expectations and cost pricing, no matter if it involves transport or energy.